Radio Libertalia

Libertalia (singers and musicians in video)
Randell Young (guitar, vocals)
Holly Holt (keys, vocals)
Fred James (bass, vocals)
Raymond Genovese (drums)

Additional singers and musicians on studio recordings…
Joni Margaux (lead and harmony vocals)
Julie Harris (harmony vocals on Freedom and Rain Tonight)
Cydney Davis (harmony vocals on Florentine)
Mayuto Correa (percussion)
Melvin Williams, Willis Nance, Bill Stewart (trumpets)
Francis Webster, Cornelius Hodges, Randolph Hawkins (saxes)

All Selections Written, Arranged and Produced by Randell Young
Associate Producer and Confidante: Joni Margaux
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered
by Bill Davidow at Virlouise, Anaheim, California

All performances (instrumental and vocal) are recorded live to hard drive using modern multi-track technology. No pitch correcting devices (hardware or software), quantizers, sequencers, samplers or drum machines have been utilized.

All of the electric guitar tracks have been recorded using a Carruthers Custom Model S6 (Stratocaster) played either directly into an Avalon VT-737sp preamp or amplified using a Mesa Boogie Mark IV. No distortion boxes or tone-altering plugins have been employed. Except for the use of a Cry Baby Wah-Wah on the solo of Tell Me (That You Love Me) and intro of The Dance of Leah, no pedals of any kind have been used. Reverb and delay (where employed) have been generated via software. The bass tracks have been recorded using a Fender Jazz Bass played directly into an Avalon preamp. The keyboard tracks include Yamaha electric piano, Hammond organ and various Korg synthesizers. The drum tracks were recorded using DW Drums and Zildjian cymbols. The various percussion instruments used on these recordings are all handmade and sourced from our friends in Madagascar.

From Libertalia’s SoundCloud platform, you may download, play and share – free of charge – all or any part of Radio Libertalia for your own personal enjoyment or that of your friends, coworkers or customers in your home, car, boat, airplane, office, store, hotel, restaurant, nightclub or other place of business.

You may also broadcast Radio Libertalia in any public place even one with a commercial purpose such as a shop, restaurant, bar, convention, fair or other public event – free of charge – no license required.

All other rights reserved. Enjoy!

Here is what the music press says about Libertalia…

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Deo Juvante is the motto of these cultural ambassadors for La République de Libertalia, Liberland, The Seasteading Institute, Free Society, The Atlas Society and all those who share the vision of a peaceful and prosperous planet.

Pre-Release (no CDs) just free tracks available at SoundCloud, Libertalia has already attracted nearly a quarter of a million facebook fans.